Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Digital Collage

msn- a application that needs to be downloaded
google chrome-
notepad-it is found inside the computer as an application
I like ebuddy as it allows those who's MSN which are having problems chat online with their friends using their old hotmail account.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wishes on the Wall

Some useful features of the Wallwisher are that we can post our thoughts immediately on the wall and thus, allowing other people to view our thoughts instantly. While we can do that, theres a limitation to the amount of words that we can write in a post and so, if we want to write more than the amount of words that they allow us to, we would have to create another post. I think that Wallwisher can be a useful learning tool in learning activities such as when our teachers wants us to post our replies to her question, we can post on wallwisher and she/he can see it instantly

How i can get from my house to SST

Firstly, I will walk to the MRT nearest to my house which is Khatib MRT. After that, I can take the train all the way to Jurong East and change train to Clementi. When i arrive there, I can take bus 185/189 to SST. =)

View Khatib to Ang Mo Kio Hub in a larger map,103.8517&spn=0.13935,0.169945&t=h&z=12

Monday, November 29, 2010

I think blogging can be a part of SST in many ways. An example, it can help when we're not in school, we can tell our classmates how and what we'ave done while staying at home. This way, we can share our experiences in a more mordern way which we should as we're Generation Z.

When I first applied DSA to SST, i knew the chances were low as from what i've known, last year only one person from Chongfu School got in. The test for me was managable but i never thought i would get into the second round. Surprisingly, i got into the second round and went for the interview. I heard that there were about 400++ students going for the second round and only 200 were going to be selected. Although there was a competition, i made friends there. When I recieved the call saying that my DSA was successful, I jumped for joy like what this picture shows.