Monday, November 29, 2010

I think blogging can be a part of SST in many ways. An example, it can help when we're not in school, we can tell our classmates how and what we'ave done while staying at home. This way, we can share our experiences in a more mordern way which we should as we're Generation Z.

When I first applied DSA to SST, i knew the chances were low as from what i've known, last year only one person from Chongfu School got in. The test for me was managable but i never thought i would get into the second round. Surprisingly, i got into the second round and went for the interview. I heard that there were about 400++ students going for the second round and only 200 were going to be selected. Although there was a competition, i made friends there. When I recieved the call saying that my DSA was successful, I jumped for joy like what this picture shows.